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By: Egan Tyre & Plastic Recycling Ltd  21/01/2015
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There are billions of scrap tyres available in the world, the UK alone produces 55 million scrap tyres each year. The consequences of which can both harm our environment and effect local communities due to flytipping and fire damage.Burning tyres can cause pollution releasing toxic smoke into the environment. Egan Tyre & Plastic Recycling Ltd are a family run Recycling Centre based in South Wales, UK. We have been recycling metals & plastics since 1974. In 2013 we commenced shredding scrap tyres to a rubber crumb/powder.Egan Tyre & Plastic Recycling Ltd provide a solution to manage the volume of waste caused by scrap tyres which is both, effective and environmentally friendly. Our passion for recycling has enabled us to launch the first Pyrolysis plant is Europe. The word Pyrolysis is coined from the Greek-erived elementspyro "fire" and lysis "separating" Using the most advanced Pyrolysis technology, we are able to convert scrap tyres into useful energy sources withoutcausing pollution.The Pyrolysis process succeeds in reclaiming the core materials within a tyre by applying heat in the absence of air or oxygenThe tyre Pyrolysis system is modular and can be expanded indefinitely. Our Pyrolysis reactor can process up to 5000 kg of scrap tyres in a 6 houroperation. Therefore, the daily output of a reactor is 20 tons. Scrap tyres are shredded and dispensed directly into the reactor which sits above a furnace. After evacuation process of oxygen, the thermal process begins.We are able to produce: Crude Pyrolysis Oil Carbon Black Powder Steel WireEgan Tyre & Plastic Recycling Ltd are able to produce 40 tons per week of pyrolysis Carbon Black.Please note that for every ton of carbon black produced from the TyreThe increasing industrialization and motorization of the world has generated a steep rise in demand of petroleum products.

Keywords: injection moulding, PLASTIC

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