By: Well Within Therapies  17/09/2009
Keywords: stress management, Angels, inspirational


"A Spiritual Approach to Stress"

This one day workshop will help you to understand the Spiritual Laws and incorporate their principles into everyday life. The workshop will assist you access and use your inner power to find your own answers, achieve goals, reduce your stress levels and enjoy better health.

Through the techniques used you will learn how to uncover blocks which prevent progress and be in a position to move forward using your own strength and abilities.

The workshop provides an opportunity to meet like minded people and discuss personal issues in an environment that is caring, supportive and confidential.

The Course notes also serve as  a workbook allowing you to identify the areas of your life that will benefit from change. The Workbook serves as a reminder of the techniques taught, thus helping you implement the ongoing process of change and development.

 "Introduction to Angels"

This one day workshop helps you connect with the Angelic Realms and work with the Angels in  everyday life. In this workshop you will be introduced to your Guardian Angel, and be shown techniques for conversing with the Angels. Other topics looked at include Angel Cards, Archangels and Healing.

This workshop is a good basic introduction to working with the Angels on an everyday basis. Activities and interactive sessions are combined with talks and discussion ensuring everyone is involved.

Keywords: Angel / Spiritual Guidance, Angels, inspirational, stress management, uplifting,