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By: Weight Loss on the Go  19/11/2010
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We are running Weight Loss Challenges in Croydon Uk. The 12-week challenge offers participants the chance to change their habits in a bid to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
One of the participants says about the WLC: I joined the Weight Lose Challenge 3 months ago and I am proud to say I have lost nearly one and a half stone. I have yo-yo dieted my entire life, mainly starvation diets where I have lost rapids amounts of weight only to put it all plus more straight back on. I am now over forty and had started to find it near impossible to lose weight easily anymore ….that is until I found The Weight Lose Challenge and met Louis!!
Louis has truly turned my life around and shown me that I ‘CAN’ lose weight again, but more importantly that I can do it sensibly and healthy without starving myself, ensuring that I never regain what I loose. I always thought I knew all there was to know about healthy eating, good foods, bad foods etc…but Louis has taught me so much more!! He has taught me why my body needs the foods and nutrients that it does, why it craves certain foods, how to combat those cravings, how my body will react to certain foods and what it does with the foods that I put in to it. Louis also teaches us about exercise and positive thinking.
Together with this knowledge and the support of the group I am for the first time in years, confident that I ‘WILL’ lose the weight and reach my goal weight in a way that will not only help me to keep it off, but also help me achive a more lean healthier body from the inside out and lead a healthier happier life style for the rest of my future.
Thanks Louis, I couldn’t do it with out you and the Weight Lose Challenge!!
Shirley Johnston.

We are also offering one on one Wellness Evaluations.Together with your Personal Wellness Coach we take an hour where we look at the factors that could help improve your health and well-being. This can be done over the phone or in-person. You will learn all about your current wellness and how you can improve the areas that are important to you. Learn your own numbers: Resting Metabolic Rate, Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index.

We also show how you can make the changes that will make you feel and look better - with a Personalized Eating Plan and Simple Recommendations from Your Coach. We will take you through the Evaluation and then work with you long-term to reach your wellness goals - for FREE!!!

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