Ultra Fresh Protects your blinds

By: incrediblinds.co.uk  11/01/2010
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Ultra-Fresh is an antimicrobial treatment applied during manufacturing to roller blinds or vertical blinds to actively discourage and destroy many of the bacteria and fungi that create unpleasant smells and staining, keeping items cleaner and fresher.

The Ultra-Fresh blinds will help to ensure a long life and lasting freshness for you and your home.           There is always bacteria around us and some help us to function but some can cause a problem.
Warm and damp, environments can promote the growth of bacteria resulting in unpleasant smells and stained fabrics.

Ultra-Fresh is an antimicrobial treatment which is designed to limit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Ultra-Fresh is an important ingredient within the material and is not simply sprayed on so is super effective.

Kitchen & Bathroom Blinds
The very nature of the humid kitchen and bathroom makes the Ultra-Fresh Blinds a perfect choice. The choice of fabrics and patterns has not been compromised when using the Ultra-Fresh technology, so you are sure to find the perfect complimentary blind to your existing decor.
Take a look at our Carnival range with ultra-fresh, with 33 fantastic bold colours to choose from makes it a clear winner!

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