By: 81G  28/01/2011
Keywords: IT Support, IT Services, computer repair

 Our heritage is firmly founded on the credentials of a long established team that has worked for some of the most prestigious names within the IT industry. 81G personnel have over two decades of corporate IT experience and, during the last three years, in the small and medium market place. It is this knowledge and experience that has been the driving force in extracting the very best both markets have to offer, defining services that deliver tangible results and cost savings. During our time we have witnessed many changes in the IT industry, the world we now live in and the economy. We have, and continue to adopt and adapt the right IT strategies, enabling our clients to cope with the requirements that change brings to each, and to help them to operate in the ever changing and dynamic world in which we live. How do we do IT? Within a small or medium enterprise it can be impossible to find a single individual who can embrace the length and breadth of skills required to fulfil the wish list of most companies' IT requirements, let alone the day to day routine operations. At 81G we regard ourselves as the 'multi-tool' of the IT world, specifically engineered and at our clients' disposal to provide a combination of skilled resource process and underlying technology. We offer an enterprise class IT service for a fraction of the cost. Where we do IT from Our centralised operations are headquartered in Hampshire, and we adopt a virtual working methodology with multi-skilled IT resources, management, process and interactive communications across our enterprise. All of our staff are working with clients across the length and breadth of the UK, both onsite and from satellite locations which are strategically placed for both staff and client convenience.

Keywords: computer repair, disaster recovery, IT Services, IT solutions, IT Support