CAT (Cellular Authentication Token) Identities Management, Access Control & Strong Authentication

CAT (Cellular Authentication Token) Identities Management, Access Control & Strong Authentication from Mega As Consulting

By: Mega As Consulting  30/01/2009
Keywords: Access Control, internet banking, network security

CAT (Cellular Authentication Server) suite is a TFA OTP Strong Authentication and Identity Management solution for the Intranet and/or Internet servers.  CAT can Authenticate VPN, Web Sites, eCommerce Sites, Secure Document Sites, Citrix Presentation Server and Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)

The CAT comprises of 2 parts :

  1. CAT Token - OTP software token that runs on Java or Pocket PC enabled Cellulars, PDAs and there is Windows version.   The cell phone or PDA does NOT rely on network service or SMS text.
  2. CAT Authentication Server System for the Server side. CAT Authentication Server includes as Radius Server for support of radius clients i.e. firewall and router.  Service for intranet, Active Pages API for Internet and plug-in’s for Citrix presentation server and Microsoft OWA

CAT Authentication Server System comes in 3 versions

  1. CAT Authentication Server SB (Small Business)
  2. CAT Authentication Server
  3. CAT Authentication Server Multi-Enterprise



-          Great reseller revenue opportunity

-          Affordable TFA OTP security solution.  A solution for virtually any size of organisation with large or small numbers of users

-          The CAT Token is FREE*

-          Life cycle cost benefits for the customer

-          Multiple Tokens (accounts) can be setup on the device.  One CAT Token can manage any number of OTP protected sites and networks on the same token.

-          Secure - the OTP is protected by a pin.  The user enters a 4 digit pin number to view the OTP.

-          Secure - Alpha /numeric OTP

-          Secure – the user generally is very aware of where there Cellular Phone is and when it has been lost

-          The unique seed is generated by the CAT Authentication server.  The seed can be changed at anytime with the click of a button in the management console by the security administrator.  This is done with NO extra cost to the user.  This could in the event of the cell phone or device being lost

-          One solution for Intranet and Internet

-          No need for additional hardware to carry around (or leave at home)

-          Tokens are easy to deploy and distribute. Download the token from , no delivery and hardware management hustle

-          The OTP Token is free for any number of users

-          No hidden costs such as SMS, Communication, Delivery, Replacement of hardware,

-          Easy to Install and operate

-          Comprehensive and easy to use CAT server management system for user and CAT system management

-          Unique eAuthentication model

-          CAT Authentication Server requires Windows 2000 and above.  It is best practice to install CAT run on a standalone server.  CAT Authentication server supports high availability configurations.

-          CAT Authentication server can Authenticate across a number of different platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix etc, etc

* The CAT Token requires a licensed version of the CAT Authentication Server to operate

-          No Hardware 

-          CAT is the only product offering Strong Authentication for Internet sites and masses of users.

-          CAT is the only solution that provides eAuthentication Services

-          CAT is able to manage multiple TFA OTP Accounts on single device

-          The same CAT Server can secure both the enterprise Intranet/Network and is Internet Site

-          The CAT Token is the only FREE token

-          The CAT is the easiest token to deploy

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