Problems with 2nd Year A levels

By: John Heys Career Consultant  06/11/2012
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"Problems with second year A levels"   Taryn Hide was having big problems with motivation at A level. Her worried Dad contacted me to see what I could do. According to her she moved from a motivation score of 1 to 10 more or less overnight! Now she's studying to be an investment banker in London. She readily admitted that she had "lost it" and was drifting towards a Gap Year.     Intelligent but no Focus Educated partly in South Africa and mainly in the U.K. she was an A level student in the South of England. Her transition from a Catholic Girl’s School to a local College was by her high standards a disaster. Surrounded by other young people who lacked her intelligence and ability, she had drifted into the substance-fuelled social life that she discovered there.   Father's Concerns Michael knew that his daughter was capable of so much more and thought that she was throwing her life away. He felt that a crisis point had been reached and something had to be done quickly before it was too late.   Resolve the Situation As with most of my clients, it only took a short while to capture her interest and then her trust. After only 20 minutes, it's fair to say, we were on the same wavelength she knew that we knew exactly where she was in her life. Once we’d established that, it was all plain sailing. She completed the Morrisby Psychometric profile, discussed her career match and was completed re-motivated by the prospect of working towards a career as a International Investment banker. As she said later : "I was moved from a motivation score of 1 (out of 10) to 10 more or less overnight."   How did we do it? Firstly, she realised that her potential was enormous. She realised that because of her life experiences and abilities she could progress to a life that really excited her. She abandoned her "Gap year" plans. Her Dad paid for my help with her university applications and  she gained late entry to London's best University for Finance training, paid for our 5* Dynamic Motivation and Support Package. We are working together as she progresses through her university course to make sure there are no more slip ups.

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