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By: Beautiful Lawn  18/12/2012
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Over time your soil becomes compacted by foot traffic and lawn mowing. During long periods of dry hot weather the soil is baked dry. Both result in difficulties for grass plants to put down deep roots and leave them vulnerable to drought stress. Compacted or baked soil does drain easily which provides perfect conditions for the development of moss. It can retain harmful gases that can damage your lawn.

Hollow-tine aeration: we do this with a hollow-tine aerator which removes cores of soil from the lawn, allowing the ground to relax, water and roots to penetrate deeper. The introduction of a sand-based top dressing helps to loosen clay soils.

Solid-tine aeration: spiking the ground with a solid-tine aerator also allows water and roots to penetrate deeper and helps release carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases, allowing oxygen into the lower levels.

Keywords: aeration

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