Home computer support and help.

By: Techstop  30/07/2010
Keywords: IT Support, computer repair, computer troubleshooting

SPECIAL OFFER for in home service:

Home Wireless broadband setup and configuration

(We can also check your current wireless setup for any security flaws)

PC or Memory upgrades

(Breathe new life into a computer that may feel somewhat lacklustre today. Whether you require more memory or a better graphics cards we can help)
PC or Laptop set-up and configuration

(So you've purchased your shiny new computer, why not start on the best footing and let us make sure it is setup to it's best potential)
Are your mobile phone contacts backed up?
(With the advent of more and more capacity on modern phones, it is even more important to know how to safely backup your content)

Keywords: computer doctor, computer repair, computer troubleshooting, Home Computer Repairs, IT Support