By: Jam Jar Studios  02/12/2010
Keywords: Graphic Design, Branding, logo design

We are all familiar with brands (or corporate identities), whether we realise it or not. We all feel a loyalty to one brand or another, whether it is our favourite clothing brand, a brand of car, or even a brand of breakfast cereal.

Your brand will help customers differentiate between you and your competitors, in addition, a well-developed brand will;

  • - Deliver your message clearly
  • - Confirm your credibility
  • - Make an emotional connection with customers
  • - Promote customer loyalty

Jam Jar have been lucky enough to work alongside great clients who understand the value of aligning their brand with the values and direction of their business. We help new businesses develop their brand and existing companies with re-branding exercises. We carefully consider your business, the market in which you operate and your customer base.

In developing your brand we will;

  • - Develop logo(s) and strapline(s)
  • - Identify complimentary fonts and colour palette
  • -  Provide clear guidelines for application of your brand to printed materials
  • - Produce and source imagery
  • - Apply logo to printed materials such as stationery set and marketing materials and digital resources such as your web site

Branding is much more than a logo. If you are a new or existing business we can deliver a brand and continue to develop it as you grow and change over time, please contact us for more information.

Keywords: Branding, corporate identity, corporate logos, Graphic Design, logo design, Logos