By: Isis Hypnotherapy  06/10/2010
Keywords: Counselling, anxiety, depression

This assessment is done on your first appointment and varies depending on the reason for your visit. It has been know that a client may present with one reason, and it is a culmination of reasons that may be causing the problems.

It would be quite normal to have three sessions and at the end of the third session we will have an in depth discussion into how we feel the therapy is going and what we have achieved so far. This will assist in determining how many future sessions are required if any.

Do you need help with any of the following?


    • Smoking            • Weight loss             • Stress               • Weight gain


  • Dental fears            • Anxiety               • Phobias                • Snoring

In the therapy for smoking cessation, it normally takes two sessions. You will be able to see the benefits of giving up your habit, most importantly health wise, also socially and financially. (Cost per year to smoke 20 cigarettes a day £2184 5 Years £10920. 20 Years £43680) What could you do with all that money?

On the free introduction session, thirty minutes approximately. This will give us time to discuss your presenting difficulty and note your details and brief history. It also gives me an insight in forward planning your therapy.

In the full therapy session around one hour, allowing time to come out of trance comfortably and to discuss what has just transpired, and to arrange your next appointment. The deciding factor of time between appointments is determined on the therapy you may require.

Keywords: anxiety, Counselling, depression, Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking, Past Life Regression, quit smoking hypnosis, Stop Smoking Stress

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