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About Shaggy Rugs from Iwantarug.com

By: Iwantarug.com  11/10/2010
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We think of shaggy pile rugs as a modern development but in fact were originally developed in Norway in the 15th Century. The original shaggy or Rya rugs were plain rugs using the same hand knotted weaving technique as Persian rugs and doubled as blankets to keep at bay the bitter Scandinavian Winters. Over the centuries designs became more decorative and used more as a floor covering and as prayer rugs during wedding ceremonies.

Today’s shaggy rugs are very different, whilst many are still made by hand the vast majority are produced on high speed Wilton power looms. With the introduction of innovative new yarns the styling, designs and textures of modern shaggy rugs can differ vastly. Interesting designs and combinations of different yarn textures in same rug can create interesting and funky conclusions. Generally handmade shaggy rugs are more expensive than machine made however there are few exceptions popularly when the comparing a basic hand tufted rug to a multi textured machine made rug.

Iwantarug.com offer many shaggy rugs in a range of colours, designs and textures to suit your home. The majority of our shaggy rugs are produced exclusively for Encove Ltd and its subsidiary websites which include iwantarug.com.

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