'CHOICES' Stop smoking DVD

'CHOICES' Stop smoking DVD from Banbury Therapy

By: Banbury Therapy  06/05/2011
Keywords: hypnosis, stop smoking

Stop smoking now, with our new DVD
'CHOICES' DVD is a natural drug free way to stop smoking which you can watch in the comfort of your own home.
A culmination of 7 years research with clients has helped Banbury Therapy to develop this stop smoking DVD which provides smokers with on-going support.
The smoker can view the DVD from start to finish or, by selecting the options menu, can visit any section of the film of their choice.

Professionally produced, this 45 minute DVD (including hypnotic induction) reminds the smoker of their very first cigarette and how they became addicted. It highlights some of the unscrupulous methods advertisers used to keep you hooked and the high cost of smoking will astound even the most hardened of smokers.
Poisonous chemicals inhaled into your lungs and the 'extra ingredients' you would rather not know about will have you wondering why you ever started smoking at all.
The effects your smoking can have on your family will shock you even further as you are asked to consider any regrets you may have about your smoking habit.
Now is the time to quit smoking and the benefits of being a non smoker will help you to believe that you can and will stop smoking.
Atmospheric music accompanies each section of the DVD to emphasise the importance of the images and the suggestions you are receiving.

This is followed by a thirty minute (approx) hypnotic induction to help you to quit the smoking habit for good.
Stopping smoking can be very difficult without professional help and this DVD changes the way 'stop smoking therapy' is delivered and improves your chances of success.
You too can join the many successful quitters by following the advice found on this DVD - so order your copy today.
Enjoy your life as a non smoker!

Keywords: hypnosis, stop smoking

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