Serendipity of the BagButton

By: Bagbutton  04/07/2012
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  Creativity and good fortune to the inventor of the BagButton. They're calling this in creditable invention the new wonder-product in storage. Unlike a space bag, the BagButton doesn't limit you to a single bag. You can reuse this gadget on as many bags as you want even garbage bags! Clever Storage bags.   Since the BagButton is reusable and you will only need one, budget-conscious shoppers are finding enormous value in the reusable gadget. Campers, homeowners, travelers and anyone who wants to ensure safekeeping for their storage items is thrilled with the BagButton. Family-owned BagButton founders say they are looking forward to continued growth in 2012   "This is another very exciting year of growth for BagButton," says BagButton president Larry Storey. "We're hopeful that by adding a new Europe Distributor this year we will enhance the sales of the BagButton World Wide.”  BagButton is the global leader in economical vacuum storage solutions. For more information see

Keywords: Space Bag, Space Saver Bag, Space Saving Bags, Spacebags, vaccum storage bags, Vacuum Compression Bags, Vacuum Storage Bags,

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BagButton LLC: Get the most economical and excellent way to save space in closet! from Bagbutton thumbnail

BagButton LLC: Get the most economical and excellent way to save space in closet!

This increditable award-winning Vacuum Storage space saving tool will cut down on the cost of Space Saving Space bags, help clean out clutter, optimize those closets and linen cupboards, including the protection of those special items, reduce items for storage or mailing and do it for the price of a plastic garbage bag. The original space bag!