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Smile Sensation UK Teeth Whitening Newcastle Gateshead. from SMILE SENSATION UK

By: SMILE SENSATION UK  10/12/2009
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How long does the Teeth Whitening treatment take?

With Smile Sensation U.K. in Newcastle & Gateshead you only require 1 short visit. The actual teeth whitening treatment itself takes around 25 to 35 minutes. During the process you simply sit back and relax by listening to music or watching TV if you wish. With our advanced technology, your teeth will remain noticeably whiter for up to 18 months.

Does it hurt?

With traditional laser peroxide bleach systems used by dentists, patients often complained of having extremely sensitive teeth for several weeks. Smile Sensation U.K. uses a new and revolutionary non-bleach system  which eliminates this uncomfortable feeling.

How does it work?

The surface of the teeth contains millions of microscopic pores, over years, compounds from food and drink, tobacco etc, penetrate these and cause the tooth enamel to discolour. Teeth whitening gel is gently applied to the teeth, which is activated when a soft 'cool' light is focused on the teeth. This then releases the debris from the pores. 

Is LED whitening the same as teeth whitening kits that can be purchased from shops?

Definitely not! Firstly, Trading Standards found that 14 out of 17 different whitening kits tested contained illegal amounts of chemicals that could have caused harm. Because of the weakness of the whitening gels, and the use of LEDs by professional teeth whitening specialists, the LED results are significantly better and in some cases up to 100% better, whilst costs are only marginally more expensive. With home kits, you often have to wear gum shields continuously at night for up to 14 nights, whereas with LED treatment, its a simple 25  to 35 minute procedure.

How much lighter will my teeth go?

This varies from person to person, even someone who has yellow teeth will generally have a different shade of yellow when compared to another client. Other individuals with white teeth will almost certainly find someone else's that are whiter, or less white than their own, so it all depends on what 'base' shade we are starting from, also we have to take into account what has caused the change in colour, is it genetic, in other words do the entire family have similar coloured teeth, or is there a nice set of white teeth just waiting to get out but have been gradually hidden from view because of poor cleansing, or dietary habits, such as drinking lots of fizzy drinks, curries, red wine, and of course the worse offender of all - smoking. Historically the shading change can be anywhere from 3 to 12 times lighter, depending on the 'base' colour we are working with. 

Is it similar to the treatment my dentist will offer?

This depends on the system the dentist uses. The majority of dental practices do not have laser or LED technology. They simply sell patients home kits similar to those you can purchase over the counter. For those that use lasers or LEDs, not all systems are the same. The majority of dentists still use the bleaching systems that generally produce severe sensitivity. Smile Sensation U.K. use the latest technology that eliminates those extremely uncomfortable feelings.

Who undertakes the treatment?

Your treatment will be undertaken by fully qualified and experienced professionals, who specialise in advanced LED teeth whitening.

Does whitening work on veneers, crowns etc?

Over time the colour of Veneers and crowns fade just like your own teeth. Our advanced procedure takes them back to their original colour.

Does whitening damage the enamel of the teeth?

Published research shows that there is no risk to the tooth enamel.

Is it safe?

The procedure is completely safe. LED teeth whitening has been performed for many years with millions having successfully undergone this safe treatment.  All our products have been approved as suitable and safe to use in the EEC and the UK.   A Product Safety Assessment Certificate has been issued after testing by a UK Testing Agency.

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