By:  23/10/2010
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Everyone should be taught to play football the Soccer 20 way. is a new concept in coaching and training. It is a comprehensive, 20-point multi-disciplined coaching and tutoring programme, which provides youngsters and adults with a better understanding of the importance of technical ability in the world’s greatest game, whilst encouraging them to become better all round individuals.

Created by an ex-professional football player and researched at academy clubs and boys’ clubs across the UK and Europe, this pioneering programme covers the four key issues – technical/tactical skills, physical skills, psychological skills and social skills. provides the tools and techniques you need to stand out from the crowd, both on the pitch and off it too!

At we believe that football has something to offer everyone and that coaching and development takes, and lasts, a lifetime.

Our vision is for to become the benchmark for football training and that it is delivered to children from a very early age. Such a comprehensive skills and techniques based programme is more than just a simple coaching scheme, it is a way of life. By learning the way your child will develop a range of transferable skills and abilities which will help them achieve success both on and off the pitch.

Many coaches and parents have excellent qualities and attributes, but technical ability and skills never seem to be high on the agenda. Results are important, as you need to win to stay in the game, but are results as important at a young age when the focus should be on nurturing?

Football is subjective, but so is education. However, in education children follow a national curriculum; this does not happen in football. At Soccer 20 we believe there needs to be a consistent programme which can be followed by everyone. After all, until a new approach is adopted nationwide, how is the current training cycle going to be broken?

We believe that, much as a musician cannot play in an orchestra until they have a certain degree of mastery over their instrument, no one can play effectively in a competitive football game without having the necessary football skills and tools at their feet.

Soccer 20 training provides these tools through a combination of a wide range of technical skills which enable you to master the ball, and is integrated into a comprehensive 20-point multi-disciplined coaching and tutoring programme. This not only teaches how, when, where and why to use the techniques, but also builds confidence and self esteem; promotes personal development and a positive mental attitude; instils a sense of self discipline and responsibility; and encourages respect and team work.
We also supply a wide range of soccer equipment for every level.

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