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PowerMaster™ and PileDriver™ from Lubrication Systems Limited

By: Lubrication Systems Limited  16/06/2010
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We can draw on many years experience specifying industrial pumping systems.  Our pumps excel in applications that range from the transfer of light fluids (oils, solvents, adhesives, etc), to the movement of medium-viscosity materials (RTV silicone, greases, coatings, plastisols, offset inks, etc), to the tough job of pumping very heavy-viscosity materials (ink flushes, epoxies, mastics, etc).  Our systems are found in diverse industries, including printing and publishing, automotive manufacturing, rotational molding and other demanding industries that require time-proven systems for application of their materials in manufacturing.


Building upon our success with standard drum pumps, we have taken their design into the 21st century with completely pneumatic, modular air motors and 6" stroke pumps for greater material output.  Accessories include an AirBrake™ option for prevention of pump runaway due to an empty container, a broken supply line or other loss of pump prime.  A variety of packing materials ensures correct packing based on material compatibility.


For high-volume applications of viscous materials from standard drums or bulk tanks, these industry-standard pumps incorporate the same completely pneumatic, modular air motors.  Along with the AirBrake™ option and a wide variety of packing materials, PileDriver pumps feature a patented leakless gland design that protects the pump from gland seal failure and subsequent downtime for replacement. 

We have a wide range of system accessories, from single- and twin-post pressure primers to material control valves, material ejectors, measuring valves, air controls and system hardware.

Spray Systems
Material is transferred from an original container through a supply line to spray guns or nozzles, which are either airless (material atomized by pressure only), or air-assisted (material atomized after being mixed with air at the gun or nozzle).  Spray systems are used for:-

• Airless paint spray
• Die lubricant spray
• Trough grease spray in bakeries
• Protective coatings
• Cold roof coatings and restaurant spray systems
• Sound deadener
• Rust-proofing
• Adhesives and sealants

Transfer Systems
Material is transferred from its original container to another point.  Typically, the simple transfer of low-viscosity fluids through relatively short supply lines requires low-pressure, high-volume pumps.  If higher-viscosity fluids are used or longer supply lines are required, a pump capable of higher pressures becomes necessary.  Typical transfer systems include:-

• Printing inks to press fountains
• Adhesives to reservoirs on packaging machinery
• Lubricants to smaller containers in remote locations
• Materials to high-pressure pumps for spray or flow applications

Measure Systems
Material is pumped from original containers through the supply lines to measuring valves or ejectors, which in turn measure precise amounts of material to a work piece.  Typical measure systems include:-

• Multiple shots in patterns used to bond automotive bonnets and doors
• Measured lubricant applied to electric motors in appliance manufacturing
• Single-shot applications of adhesive / sealant used in manufacturing
• Repetitive cartridge-filling lines

Flow Systems
Material is pumped from the original container through the supply line to a flow gun which applies the material to a work piece.  Typical flow systems include:-

• Adhesives applied to substrates for bonding in construction and other industries
• Adhesives used in the manufacture of modular / mobile homes
• Sealants applied during automotive manufacturing, i.e. windscreens, weld lines and hem flanges

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