ORSCO™ precision oil spray systems

ORSCO™ precision oil spray systems from Lubrication Systems Limited

By: Lubrication Systems Limited  16/06/2010
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The major difference between ORSCO™ oil lubrication systems and other spray systems is the use of a continuous, ultra-fine, non-mist delivery of lubricant.  The ORSCO™ system can spray minute quantities of lubricant for a selected duration of time, i.e. spray 0.03 ml of oil consistently over a 4 minute period.

The ORSCO™ systems deliver very small quantities of oil, resulting in significant cost savings by decreasing lubricant consumption, reducing product contamination and eliminating under- / over-lubrication.

In critical applications where cleanliness is a must, the ORSCO™ system achieves exceptional performance.  The system is successfully used in plastic film, textile, food processing, baking, automotive, metal stamping, fibre-glass, electronics, can decorating, mining, pulp and paper, machine tool and many other industries.

The ORSCO™ precision oil spray system lubricates more effectively than other spray systems.  With the ORSCO™ system you are always at the optimum lubricating range; eliminating the "Too Much / Too Little" factor.

Eliminates Contamination

ORSCO’s patented, precision oil spray nozzles lubricate exactly where required with an accurate amount of lubricant to reduce product contamination.  Unlike traditional oil mist systems, ORSCO’s spray technology eliminates environmental contamination typically caused by "stray mist."

Continuous, Consistent Spray

ORSCO™ systems are capable of dispensing just 0.03 ml of lubricant continuously for a period exceeding 4 minutes.  No change in spray pattern occurs even after another drop of lubricant is injected into the nozzle.

Dramatically Increases Life Expectancy of Lubricated Devices

Percentage elongation is maintained at a consistent low level, even after 3,000 hours of use.  The result is 5 - 10 times longer life expectancy of the lubricated devices.

Up to 90% Lubricant Reduction

If you calculate the actual amount of lubricant that is needed for a particular application, the majority of automated and manual lubrication systems over lubricate.  Because ORSCO™ systems lubricate continuously with an ultra-fine, non-misting spray, only the exact amount of oil required to lubricate is used.

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