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Recording Studio from Ginger Music Company

By: Ginger Music Company  12/02/2009
Keywords: recording studio, Rehearsal Space

We've got a cracking big live space, great gear and facilities, and pro spec logic studio with our expert in-house engineer. Just five minutes from Pelaw Metro.

We also run band and performance workshops, offer post production services and tonnes more....It's a relaxing, well run place to record and rehearse, and we'll get you a GREAT sound, whatever you're playing!

Give us a call on 0191 469 6988, or email us at

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Spec list
# Mackie Digital 8-bus console with Massenburg EQ
# Mackie HR824 active monitoring
# Genelec 7060B active subwoofer
# Apple G5 dual 2.0Ghz with 4Gb memory
# Focusrite Liquid Channel
# DACS Clarity MicAmp
# TL Audio 5051 valve comp
# Presonus Firestudio 26 in 26 out interface
# Logic Pro 8
# Tascam 301 MD recorder
# Fostex D-5 DAT recorder
# 3 LCD wide-screen monitor

We've got a plethora of microphones to suit any need, including:

2 x NT1
1 x K2 Valve mic

2 x AKG C1000
1 x AKG 414

6 x SM 58
4 x SM 573 x Beta 98
2 x Beta 52
1 x Beta 87
2 x Beta 58
3 x Beta 57

1 x SE2200

2 x D2

And check out our range of boutique and classic amps for rent!


Allour amplifiers can be hired for recording purposes. We have a
formidable collection of boutique and classic heads and cabinets. Pair
this with our pro spec recording setup and our fearsome collection of
fine microphones and preamps, and you’re in tone heaven here at our
Ginger Music Company studio!

We’re packing some heat....

Bogner Shiva head
Cornford Hellcat head
Dr. Z 38w head
Marshall Vintage Modern head
ENGL 1 x 12 combo
1979 Marshall combo
Cornford combo

Speaker cabs

Bogner 2 x 12
Cornford 2 x 12
Marshall 4 x 12 (with vintage celestions!)

From the sublime to the slamming.....from the fierce to the feline...!
Greasy or smooth, we’ve got rigs to make the earth move for you! Get in
touch for a quote !

See you soon at Ginger Music Company!

Keywords: recording studio, Rehearsal Space