Theraflex from Theraflex Clinic

By: Theraflex Clinic   03/11/2010
Keywords: back pain, Scoliosis Treatment, theraflex

Theraflex is a computerised handset consisting of four pistons driven by air which enables the practioner to mobilise the spine more effectively than the hands alone. Combined with traditional osteopathic knowledge and skills the practitioner can loosen joints which have not moved before. On average most patients only need 3-5 treatments to improve posture, mobility and reduce back and neck pain. It is also suitable for high level sports people as it will improve, e.g. a person's drive if they play golf, give more freedom int he upper body and make the person lighter on their feet. Our oldest patients have been 94 demonstrating the safety of the equipment. We may also couple this with electrotherapy

Keywords: back pain, Power Assisted Micro-manipulation, Revolutionary Back Treatment, Scoliosis Treatment, theraflex,