Dukie, Getting Control of Extreme Aggression

Dukie, Getting Control of Extreme Aggression from ARC Dog Rehab

By: ARC Dog Rehab  15/06/2011
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Dukie's had a troubled life so far!

Purchased as a Border Collie off of the internet from a suspected 'puppy farm' and being delivered to his owners from somewhere in darkest Wales, he's certainly had more than his fair share of setbacks and behaviour problems. 

He was laid up when he suffered a leg injury and had to be quarantined because he contracted lungworm, so has suffered from a severe lack of both human and canine socialisation, making him excessively fearful.

This has resulted in an extreme amount of human and inter-dog aggression and when I was called in after his vet was bitten, he had to be tied to a large dresser in order to prevent me from getting attacked. (The vet actually advised the owner to have Dukie put down and that she'd be very happy to do it!)

I couldn't begin any dog training, spending most of the first session discussing Cesar Millan's techniques with Pam, Dukie's owner.  And with a muzzle on him, I finally managed to get within a couple of feet of him without being lunged at! 

The next visit I started off feeding him bits of chicken through his muzzle and slowly gained his confidence to the extent that we untethered him and he remained calm, without attacking. 

Pam's son Michael arrived home and we took Dukie for a walk.  When we set out, he would lunge at any people or dogs that came remotely near us but by me staying 'calm assertive' and using gentle corrections applied through the lead, he became calmer and the walk became more controlled. 

Dukie then lunged at a cat in a driveway!  We stopped and I got him to turn his back on the cat and gave gentle corrections when he tried to look at it, so that he ended up calmly lying down without looking round at the cat.   

Each visit has seen great improvements and my control of him is now so good, we've even managed to dispense with the muzzle. I've also started cycling with Dukie as part of his obedience training and he just loves to run...fast!

And then on my last visit, at the beginning of June, Pam told me that a tradesman had been round during the week, she'd put Dukie on the lead and he just laid there, totally ignoring the man.  Needless to say, Pam was very happy.

I took him for an off lead walk round the local playing fields and there he was interacting with another dog, no aggression at all!!

Alan Conway,

ARC Dog Rehab.

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