Emotional Intelligence

By: Holisys Ltd  08/12/2010
Keywords: strategy, Emotional Intelligence

New hot-speak from consultant or an actual, beneficial tool for your personnel to utilise effectively in their day to day communication..? A good question and one that must definitely be addressed to ascertain if this tool is of benefit to you.

In the basest terms, whereas IQ (intelligence quotient) is defined as the ability to solves problems in the intellectual domain; EQ [as it is sometime referred to] can be described as the ability to solve problems in the emotional domain.

Like it or not, people have emotions; they also can't always detach these from day to day work and it can be said that the ability to understand them, manage and use them would be beneficial. It is most beneficial, of course, when you can do that for not only others, but also yourself.

Holisys can assess the emotional intelligence levels (these don't generally change throughout life incidentally) of personnel which will enable you to improve communication and understanding throughout your company. We can also suggest methods for the interaction and how to alternatively manage some aspects.

Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, strategy