General Tui Na Sessions

By: Gerry O'Connor  06/10/2011
Keywords: health, holistic therapies, traditional Chinese medicine

Full Back Massage A strong massage working along the muscles and main meridians of the back, very good for releasing tension and balancing energy. The use of Shu points, that connect to other meridians makes this massage a very beneficial aid for many diverse ailments including Insomnia, Uticaria, Fatigue and Hypertension. A good massage for problems in all areas of the back. Neck and Shoulders Massage A strong massage working the muscles and acupuncture points of the neck and shoulders, where tension is most commonly held. It is a highly beneficial aid in helping to combat Stress, Tension, Cervical Spondolitis, Migraines and Headaches. Also helps with musculoskeletal problems like Frozen Shoulder and Stiff Neck. Leg Massage A deep, strong massage working on the muscles, tendons and acupuncture points of the legs and feet. Very good for loosening any tension in the muscles and for releasing pain and aches in all of the leg muscles, tendons or joints. Works along the meridians it is effective in helping relieve ailments such as Headaches, Migraine, Sciatica and Stiff Neck

Keywords: acupressure, health, holistic therapies, traditional Chinese medicine, Tui Na

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