General Energy Healing

By: Gerry O'Connor  06/10/2011
Keywords: health, holistic therapies, traditional Chinese medicine

Energy Yin/Yang Balance. A very effective treatment for balancing the warm Yang energy with the cool Yin energy of the central meridians. It balances the chakras and main energy centres of the body, including the three seas of energy at the third eye, heart and lower abdomen. Energy Meridian Cleanse. Using a gentle wave like motion this treatment effectively clears blockages creating a smooth energy flow within the meridians and clearing the energy field. Good to help release pain and discomfort by moving stagnant energy Energy Organ Boost. An effective treatment that works on the five main organs of the body, according to the Chinese Theory of the Five Elements. The organs, liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys, are treated by visualising the healing energy infused with specific colour related to each organ. This is a good treatment for maintaining healthy working organs and creates balance due to the interelated aspects of the element

Keywords: acupressure, energy healing, health, holistic therapies, traditional Chinese medicine

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