Digestive Travel Pack

By: Nourish to Flourish Clinic  25/05/2012
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Ever had your holiday spoilt by food poisoning or an upset tummy? Thousands of Britons have their holidays ruined by falling ill while travelling. This can be caused by eating unfamiliar foods, cuisines or from poor hygiene in food preparation. Either way it’s an unpleasant experience. The Nourish to Flourish Clinic has developed a Supplement package to support your digestive travelling needs. This service is particularly useful for those with sensitive digestive systems and/or those travelling to countries with questionable food hygiene preparation. If you are travelling to the following countries we recommend buying this protective supplement package: India, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Ghana, South America Countries, The Supplement Package has been especially designed by a Nutritionist to address the many different symptoms experienced by holiday sickness. The Package includes the following: High Dose Probiotic - Known for their support in the gastro-intestinal tract Mouth Spray - This is no ordinary mouth spray, its properties are anti-bacterial/anti-viral and help prevent respiratory infections spread through recycled air on aeroplanes. Cranberry Capsules - These extracts can help prevent and treat urinary tract infections that can often flare up on holidays, particularly on honeymoons and/or on holidays in hot climates where dehydration is a concern. Zinc Tablets - This is a vital nutrient for the Immune system and helps prevent any pathogens on food from leaving the stomach and entering the gastro-intestinal tract where they can cause diahorea and/or constipation. High zinc levels have been known to raise stomach acid levels and eliminate harmful organisms from the stomach. Digestive Enzymes - These enzymes help break down foods that are either unseal to your digestive system or that your stomach struggles to digest when eating in large quantities such as at buffets. Electrolyte Sachet - These can help re-balance vital electrolytes that can be lost from vomiting or excessive diahorrea. Electrolytes are needed for normal functioning or cells and organs and contain sodium, Potassium, Chloride, and Bicarbonate in the correct ratios.

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