Cholesterol Reduction Package

By: Nourish to Flourish Clinic  25/05/2012
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What is Cholesterol: Cholesterol is a fatty substance made up of triglcerides and can become elevated if high cholesterol foods are eaten. There are two types of Cholesterol: Good Cholesterol HDL – High density Lipo-proteins and Bad Cholesterol LDL – Low density Lipo-proteins. High cholesterol levels of LDL cholesterol can create deposits of fatty tissue in the arteries making them more narrow for blood flow. Specific foods can help to lower cholesterol. Find out how to lower cholesterol levels by replaced unhealthy fats with good healthy fats in your diet. The high cholesterol package provides all the tools you need to tweak your diet. Includes: • 30 Minute Telephone Consultation with a Nutritionist Postal Pack of Tools including the following: Information about the causes of Cholesterol Build up Menu Plans for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Grocery List of Recommended Foods Recipe Suggestions Supportive Lifestyle Advice List of Recommended Supplements 10% off Voucher for any supplements purchased Postage included

Keywords: nutrition

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