Our story in a Nutshell

By: Lumifix Computer Repairs  07/06/2011
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Our Story in a Nutshell

58% of the people who receive our leaflet will not be reading it, 68% will find a coupon, discount or sample useful, 73% will recycle it (The green bin for the folks that don’t know) and 1% will call us. 9 out of 1000 people keep our leaflet.

We looked at our business model and analysed our customers and suppliers, traced the money path and where it went and to whom it went to. Our business is based on Quality Work, Affordable Rates, and Prompt Service.

Quality Work? Yes because we still have all our old customers 10 years +, got a proven track record and have the credentials to prove it.

Affordable Rates, made business partners ponder for a while, 39 and 40 from school hood friends, could not agree, both agreed that the rate needed to come down. Why change something that’s working. Well its simple really the money trail. Who gets the piece of pie and who gets the service? We found that if we charge less then we may as well not do it. The most demanding customers were business customers and home business’, they were removed from the equation. That freed up 56% of our time. The second was the bites in the pie. From basic services like British Telecom to the banks, the list was too vast per job. Their are services you cannot strip away but we stripped everything we could to lighten your pocket. Bank and merchant charges for debit & credit cards were stripped away. Investment in a small print farm sees the printers gone. We redirected our free phone number away from BT savings up to £900 per month. Staff! We are sorry to see one person go for the greater good of customers. We could rant here because we have done so much to bring you this price.Both Partners have agreed to start a blog on our website to carry on the concept Compulsory Overhead and Customer Orientation (COCO).

Finally Prompt Service because we have reduced our operating area by 12 miles, our best response time could be within minutes of your call. Would you say that was prompt?

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