By: Odline Ltd  22/05/2009
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JavaFlux Introduction
Setup a Website or any Web application

ODLINE, with the expertise in development of IT applications, mainly in web database driven solutions, have created a package (JavaFlux), to develop, in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way, a web application for your company including its website whose contents can be hosted on ODLINE servers and databases. Meanwhile, its contents can be easily managed through the backoffice from where ever you may be.

JavaFlux Platform


The JavaFlux platform is a solution for Internet, Intranet as well as Extranet, developed with Java technology. Coupling the potential of this technology with the best techniques and programming languages, such as JSP, JavaScript, XML, CSS or DHTML, among others. These solutions are presented to accommodate a broad range of functions and products, which are easily adjustable and highly flexible to suit the Clients’ requirements. 

Database Compatibility
The fundamental requirement of any programming task is the automation of the contents’ management and complete articulation with several information sources. The JavaFlux platform is perfectly compatible with any database. 

Servers Compatibility

The JavaFlux platform is compatible with Apache/Tomcat web server and others such as IIS, Webspheres, etc., and implementation is neither conditional nor restricted to a single system or type of equipment.


Bearing in mind that security of a company’s IT and Communications is a crucial requirement for the success of any task,the JavaFlux platform grants that all communications and transactions, between Client and server are processed in a secure manner. This is achieved by encrypted data and HTTPS protocol, preventing any violation of data privacy and thus granting its confidentiality.


A website developed with the JavaFlux platform comprises of distinct areas in which contents and values are generated dynamically (on-the-fly), according to the information available in the database. This represents a clear advantage concerning the updates of the website.

As the database is capable of holding any type of information,JavaFlux becomes a benefit for any objective in any area of business, organization, etc.

Examples of the information that can be in the Database:
· Hierarchic menus;
· Search fields;
· Logins for privileged users (allowing to escalate levels of permission);
· Logos, banners, spots. The banners and/or spots can be displayed at random according to the desired cadence and the intended place to appear;
· Images;
· Contents with several phases of presentation and detail:
· Article listings based in the menu or value inserted in the search field. The listings can contain titles, summary, images, etc.;
· Detailed information of a particular article and can contain titles, texts, images, tables, etc.;

All these areas could be molded to meet the requirements of each client.


The JavaFlux platform allows the users/clients to manage the contents of their websites in an autonomous and decentralized manner, through a Backoffice with access via Internet/Intranet. The Backoffice is structured and configured so as to adapt to the requirements of the customers, as this is the main tool for the website’s maintenance and, fundamental for its success.

The access is controlled by a security system that demands the introduction of a username and a password in order to allow a safe login and only then, does it displays the information available in the database and servers, to enable the management of contents.

Management of Contents - The Management of Contents allows, between many others, the following functionalities:
· Edit, insert and removal of banners/spots;
· Edit, insert and removal of menus;
· Edit, insert and removal of articles;
· Upload images, flash files, audio, video, text or any other type;

Domain registration “.com”, “” and others

This proposed solution includes the possibility of domain registration through the competent entities. The domain name is of relevant importance to customers, as it is required for their websites to be associated to their business.

Due to the vast number of websites appearing in the Internet, the selection of the domain name can be a decisive factor in its memorization by the general public, and consequently for the increase in traffic and visits to the customer’s website.

Configuration of the emails and registered domain

As a matter of a customer’s identity affirmation in the Internet, be it commercial or other, public or private companies, the possibility of having email configuration with the same registered domain name, it is always an added value in communication efficiency.

Therefore, this package allows the email configuration such as;

Hosting in ODLINE servers

As form of guarantee of security and customer’s peace of mind, assuring high performance levels, WE enable the hosting of websites.

In this way, customers do not incur costs and risks of hosting their websites in the servers of companies other than those that develop them.

Optional Modules

This solution enables you to go beyond a website, through the implementation of the following modules:
· Online sales;
· Online help;
· Newsletters;
· Forums;
· Digital Archive;
· Workflows;
· Any other functionality to fulfill your requirements.

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