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By: Optimum Vitality Personal Training & Nutrition  08/10/2013
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Nutrition & Health The idea that food is just a means of providing the body with energy in the form of calories is giving way to a new food model. As a species we once ate an unrefined diet rich in plant and animal foods, phytonutrients and essential fats, today we live on a toxic diet containing foods which are foreign to our genome which evolved during the Palaeolithic era. The consumption of processed foods, trans (processed) fats and highly concentrated forms of sugar are doing untold damage to our health. Todays fresh foods contain less than 20% of the nutrients that they did 50 years ago which means that we are no longer getting sufficient nutrients from our foods to sustain our health and the use of chemical pesticides and other toxic agents presents a further threat to our health and wellbeing. Nutrition & Weight Management: By using a non-judgemental approach and working with you to making gradual dietary and lifestyle changes I can help you achieve health improvements and/or sustainable weight loss. Weight Loss The key to weight loss is simple! We need to expend more calories per day than we are taking in within an acceptable margin. If we consume calories below your bodies minimum needs then our body's can go into starvation mode and you can in fact gain body fat. The quality of the food you eat is also of vital importance, low quality foods can negatively affect our weight loss progress and our overall health and vitality and can eventually lead to ill health. Weight Resistant Exercise & Weight Loss Weight Resistant Exercise is a vital part of any weight loss programme. Weight training is needed not only to burn calories, but also to increase the metabolism, to help prevent muscle loss which commonly occurs when on a weight loss programme, and also to help build lean muscle which is needed to give shape to our body's. Muscle also burns calories!! Nutritional Therapy I hope to be providing Nutritional Therapy services in the near future. Services Available: One to One training at Go-Gym, Sutton, Surrey. (Rates start at £30 per session) Personal Fitness Programmes & Nutritional Advice (available at Go-Gym or via email) Nutritional Consultations (available at Go-Gym or via phone, email or Skype. Weight loss Exercise/Nutritional programming (available at Go-Gym or via phone, email and Skype)

Keywords: lose weight, personal trainer, Weight Management

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