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By: The Chiropractic Clinic Croydon  13/07/2011
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Orthotic insertsfrom Talar made come in three sizes and 3 densities. Orthotic inserts help correct imporper foot biomechanics caused by pronation and excessive valgus rotation of the heel. During a normal walking (gait cycle) the foot should first make contact with the ground from the heel, then the mid-foot (arch) followed by the forefoot (toes) . However many people with flat feet (collapsed arches) have a dysfunctional gait pattern and resulting biomechanical dysfunction of the lower extremity. Poor foot biomechanics can affect other more superior joints including the ankles, knees, hips and back. A simple assessment of posture and foot-gait cyle can help detect pronation and excessive valgus forces and highlight a need to consider orthotic inserts as an option for correction.

Trio orthotics restore the body's natural ability to pronate normally by providing mid-tarsal joint stability and correct foot function by preventing excessive valgus rotation and inverting the calcaneus within the heel cup. In this way the mid-tarsal joint integrity is maintained and damaging compensations are avoided. Talar Made TRIO provides additional support to the proximal medial arch of the foot enhancing navicular stability. Trio Orthotic cushioned recess allows the first Metatarsophalangeal joint to extend during toe off which is essential to poper foot biomechanics.

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