Compay Statement Regarding MAS Listing

Compay Statement Regarding MAS Listing from EcoHouse Group

By: EcoHouse Group  10/07/2014
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In light of recent events, EcoHouse Group releases the following statement: This week it has been reported in the Singaporean press that EcoHouse Group has been placed on the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Investor Alert List.The list, according to the MAS website, provides a listing of unregulated persons who, based on information received by MAS, may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed or authorised by MAS. Put simply, what this means is that some people, independent of EcoHouse, had wrongly got the idea that the company was regulated by the MAS. At no point has EcoHouse ever claimed to be regulated by the MAS nor has anyone suggested that MAS regulation is required. Therefore we are somewhat surprised that some individuals had the impression that the company was under MAS regulation and welcome any clarification provided by the MAS list. EcoHouse Group is, and has always been, fully regulated as required by Singaporean law. Furthermore, the MAS publicly announced that EcoHouse had been added to the Investor Alert List in April 2014, therefore it seems extremely strange to see this news surface in some circles of the press three months later and being portrayed as a new development. We can only conclude that this resurfacing of old news is driven by those with an agenda against the company, who wish to impede EcoHouse Group’s work in delivering quality homes to Brazilian families and market leading returns to investors. To reiterate, the MAS list does not imply that EcoHouse Grouphas contravened any Singaporean regulations, or that there has been anything improper in the company’s marketing and promotions.Nor is the list intended to advise anyone against investing against the companies featured on it. Conversely, some of the leading real estate companies in Singapore also feature on the list as they are unregulated by the MAS. EcoHouse Group is extremely proud of its record as a developer, constructor and realtor of Brazilian social housing and finds the distortion of facts that has occurred over the past few days completely counter-productive and unhelpful for everyone concerned.

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