free standing stone bath

free standing stone bath from

By:  06/11/2013
Keywords: Bath, bathroom, bathroom tiles

Stone cast bath set on porcelain tiles (60cmx60cm) with a 1mm grout joint (colour to match). The open cascade bath filler with diverter to shower head as optional were set flush in the brick wall with a 20mm clearance to finished level of bath. An 80mm skirting tile lined the perimeter of the room with a bead of transparent sealant for a watertight finish State of the art recessed tiled shower shelving units. Porcelain tiles throughout with a mitred external edge. 1mm flush grout line (colour to match) and flush led lights for mood lighting. Taps set in stud wall with fixed shower head on opposite wall. All joints with a change in direction silicone sealed for a superior finish

Keywords: 1mm joints, Bath, bathroom, bathroom tiles, Wetroom,