Nutritional Testing

By: SuperWellness  18/03/2011
Keywords: allergy testing

At SuperWellness, we use a range of blood, urine, stool and saliva tests provided by world renowned laboratories.  Blood tests are carried out by a recommended phlebotomist. All the other tests can be carried out at home using postal kits provided by the laboratory (which the client then posts back by Next Day Delivery).

The client gets invoiced directly by the laboratory and results will be sent to SuperWellness for interpretation and to help us define the next steps in your nutritional programme.

Some examples include:Comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology (stool test) to evaluate digestion, absorption, gut flora, presence of parasites. Indicated for chronic gastro intestinal problems and many systemic diseases, comprehensive  food allergy profile (blood test) to assess reactions to a comprehensive range of substances, including antibiotics, analgesics, foods, pollens, moulds, dust mites and animals, The Body Bio Report (blood test) Comprehensive assessment of nutrient needs, Hair Mineral Analysis Indicating long-term mineral and toxic metal exposure, Chronic Fatigue Screen (urine and saliva tests) assessing the underlying metabolic and adrenal function, Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva test), Comprehensive Female Hormone Profile (saliva test) and many others.

Keywords: allergy testing