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By: SuperWellness  18/03/2011
Keywords: Nutritional Therapists

"After many years of dieting - in fact spending the whole of my adult diet life trying to lose weight and maintain it, meeting Angela Steel was a revelation. I could not believe that one person could have such a dramatic effect on my lifestyle and on my well being.

Angela analysed my eating habits but also took into consideration all illnesses I had suffered from since I was a child and the potential implications that medication and certain food groups may have had on my body, and of course on my weight. When I met Angela I had just been diagnosed with IBS, Diverticulitis, I also had a hernia and ulcers in my oesophagus. The treatments and lifestyle changes she recommended have truly improved my quality of life. I wish that I had met Angela 20 years ago - she has helped put me on the right track and I now treat my body sensibly and with a great deal of care. I have lost weight, I feel better and look younger; my skin glows and I feel less sluggish. Her expertise and knowledge has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her work."

Susie Crolla


"Thank you for your invaluable advice about what I should eat. It has made a tremendous difference and ended several years of weariness and lethargy."

Roy Crate


"Angela spent a lot of time getting to know my diet and eating habits as well as understanding where my nutrient deficiencies might be in line with my medication regime.  We worked out a plan of supplements and she suggested introducing food types I had not tried before.  I was delighted with the progress we made together and soon found myself gaining weight, strength and bags more energy!  I can’t recommend her service enough."

Richard Lamb

Keywords: Nutritional Therapists