Eldfast ceramic flue lining

Eldfast ceramic flue lining from The Chimney Company

By: The Chimney Company  22/08/2010
Keywords: Stoves, wood burning stoves, solid fuel

ELDFAST is a wholly ceramic material composed of two elements: a refractory ceramic aggregate in powder form and a resin bonding agent that together create a "slurry" with adhesive properties when applied under pressure.Traditionally, only materials containing water, lime / clay mortar or cement have been available to re-parge a flue internally, these materials are now known to be prone to acid attack and deterioration.

Is a ceramic material that does not contain lime or cement and can therefore withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures having been rigorously tested by BSRIA to conform to current Building Regulations & Requirements after the 1st April 2002 changes.Utilising some adaptions to the installer’s tooling (for which Landyvent are seeking patent), even gas flue blocks can be cleaned and lined, making full use of the nominal coating thickness of the Eldfast system in order to retain those vital minimum flue measurements. Obviously this same benefit is applicable to several similar types of flue construction: e.g. concrete flue blocks & clay liners which can be lined and sealed using Eldfast.

Again, a benefit derives from the ceramic nature of the material (and one that is particularly relevant to solid fuel users).  The results achieved under practical test conditions demonstrated that the product showed no signs of deterioration at temperatures approaching 2000 degrees centigrade - indeed, it would vitrify and effectively become stronger/harder.  Put into context, a chimney fire may generate 1100 degrees centigrade, your flue lining is guaranteed to withstand it.

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