CCTV Chimney Survey

CCTV Chimney Survey from The Chimney Company

By: The Chimney Company  02/12/2010
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CCTV Chimney Survey

The Cast Iron Fireplace Company uses the most up to date, state of the art CCTV equipment to accurately diagnose your chimney problems. Our CCTV chimney survey equipment shows an amazingly clear image of the inside of your chimney flue, the colour CCTV camera head has a 360 degree rotational view, which can pan tilt 180 degrees. This gives our CCTV chimney inspection team highly accurate visual of the problems all the way up the chimney flue or flexible liner.

Our CCTV chimney specialist teams are able to locate quickly and efficiently, avoiding the need to “knock into” the chimney breast. We are able to offer solutions to rectify the issue using our chimney lining specialists.

There are many reasons why a Chimney CCTV survey would be completed including:

-       Establish the area of a blockage and what is causing the blockage.

-       Find the areas where there is a major failure of a flue, causing smoke leaking out of two or more pots or in rooms in the property, or smoke leaking into loft spaces.

-       Checking the 45 degree bends to see if a flexible liner will be able to pass through.

-       Checking flues to see if the chimney will need lining

-       Inspecting chimneys to see which lining system would be best.

-       Examining the chimney as it has been blocked up for years.

-       Inspecting a flexible liner to see if the liner has been fitted correctly.

-       To establish the condition of the flaunching at the top of the stack, making sure the pots are safely fitted.

Reasons for blockages –

-       Often a chimneys suffer from birds nesting in chimney, these nests can fall down and get stuck on the bends of the flue.

-       Cement being poured down from the top of the roof, often when unprofessional trades man want to dispose of left over cement or render they pour it down the chimney blocking up the flue.

-       Loft conversions where the chimney breast was used to support the RSJ.

-       Restricted bends may have a soot deposit build up that is stopping the flue liner going down.

-       Bricks from the flue or mid-feathers that separate the flue can be dislodged and block the flue.

-       Neighbours breaking though the party wall when installing their fireplace.

-       Poorly functioning chimneys

People who use the CCTV service

Members of the public

Party wall surveyors



Landlords when renting out properties


Managing agents.

To arrange your CCTV chimney inspection survey call us on 020 8942 8881 or email us through our book a survey page.

Keywords: Chimney Lining, Eldfast chimney flue lining, woodburning stoves,