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By: Europe & Eurasia Process Servers   11/11/2011
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Our services are; I. " Direct Hague Central Authority submission and follow up": This service consist of a fast and controlled manner to the use of the "Central Authority of each European or Eurasian Hague Signatory Country" and is based in the use of a "Summary translation" by "Local Certified Translators" submitted by a local Barrister-Solicitior, either for Service of Process (For instructions on this service click here), or for Subpoenas (For instructions on service of Subpoenas click here). These services includes; Local Central Authority Filing and Screening for acceptance (Only Civil and Commercial). Establish an estimate cost of translation if a summary of the case is not acceptable. Follow up of the local procedure of the Central authority in order to remove any obstacle and avoid any possible "Reject" from the Central Authority (We can not control refusal of Service by addressee during this method). II. "Private Personal Service of Process": This is a "hand to hand delivery", completed by European Barristers-Solicitors acting as international process servers; it is the fastest and more reliable method to serve, requires no translation of documents and there is no exam of nature of case (Civil or Commercial) by the Central Authority. The importance of this kind of service is that "can't be rejected" neither by the "addressee" nor by the Central Authority. There is No lost of confidentiality either and evidence of service is included in the price along with a Notarized Affidavit of Service". Evidence of service can be a "Waiver", a Video, Photography or a Signed Reception Receipt by the addressee. This service can be reinforced with other methods of service such as Central Authority or Postal. Please note that because of our reputation, which is based on our impartiality and integrity, some Central Authorities will issue an Affidavit of service confirming our International Private Service of Process or will call our services themselves when they fail to serve (Article 5). In our regular services you will receive a custom made affidavit of service authenticated by the local Consular Agent of your country, in English and immediately sent to your office by DHL. For International Private Personal Service of Process instructions click here and for price list click here, it is Simple! Fast! Reliable! And service is guaranteed in court or your money back!. III. "Local Judicial Officers Service of Process", It is the same as above. but completed instead by a Judicial Officer. We will certify the service of process with an Affidavit in English, either authenticated by the Consular representative or by the Central Authority. In other words ervice is completed by a local Judicial Officer acting under our supervision. This control is essential when service is completed by a local process server who does not speaks English and has no time to authenticate his work at the local Consular offices. Main advantage is that in some countries a "Public Record of Service" is kept and is available for verification when "Exequatur" is needed. Unfortunately, some persons are acting as "Judicial Officer Brokers" causing a break in the chain of legality and confidentiality see this file to avoid problems. IV. "Special Process Server" We accept all foreign Court mandates to serve as "Special Servers", where we are named directly by the Court to serve, mostly in case of Emergency where a rush service is essential or in difficult to serve cases and locations, or even for pretrial "Judicial or Extra-Judicial" . The use of this service is mostly to serve in none hague countries based on U.S. Federal Regulation 4 or when the Central Authority fails. We serve and include in our Affidavit, evidence of service, witnesses of service, legal documentation back up. This service is recommended for highly confidential cases. V. " Legal Courier" as per Article 10 - a of the Hague Convention, not recommended for Countries that are not signatories of the Hague Convention or for those that oppose to Article 10 a. It is recommended to use to reinforce a Private Personal service or a formal service by the Central Authority. Service by mail can be very easily quash since Jurisprudence considers it to be more that a personal delivery an evidence of an address. We will issue an Affidavit of service authenticated but please note that we will not guarantee this service against a motion to quash. VI. "Parallel Service" Once you have ordered legal process service either to the Central Authority, Mail, Judicial Officer or Private Personal and as a measure of International Inter-Attorney courtesy, reinforcement for litigation security, extra guarantees, prevention and other reasons this service is recommended. Serving another set of documents is a measure that ensures reception and protect you from eventualities, mostly when using the Central Authority. VII. " Private Subpoena Service": Either as Parallel Service to a Letter of Request sent to the Central Authority or if in application of Common law Court acceptable principles to accelerate a court case process and gain time, and which will be confirmed after-wards by the Central Authority. VIII "Depositions" Most foreign Central Authorities or Courts won't accept to take a Deposition or Evidence in Pre-Trial situations, or those submitted to Arbitration, that is to say: Extra-Judicial situation. Consular services depositions can not be held outside the Consular premises and Consular Agents will not travel to take a deposition. We take depositions and evidence everywhere in Europe and Eurasia and if needed making the necessary arrangement for a translator, interpreters, Videographer, telephone or internet conference or certified Stenographer. We propose Telephone conference, Video taped depositions or by written Questionnaire in presence of a local notary public if requested. We are indeed commissioners of Oaths. IX. "Registered Agents of Contracts" within the European Economical Community only, also called Statutory agents for Service of Process. X. "Quash Expertises" We can present an expertise for a motion to quash of any International Service of Process, how the panorama is today we consider most International Service of Process are not compliant with International Private Law or Local rules of Procedure, even if completed under the Hague Convention. Our champ of excellence is quash of service of process completed by Private Investigators and foreign couriers. Also available is quash of those services completed by Mail. In all cases we propose a written authenticated expertise backed up with legal documentation, court appearance if necessary and on a "No quash, No fee" agreement. XI. "Extraordinary Service of Process" Because our reputation and integrity we are often required to complete services in those countries we do not serve normally, i.e. Morocco, Tunisia.... We can service those countries that are border countries of our geographic coverage or farm, those that by proximity do not represent an extra expense. We service Europe and Eurasia, Western and Eastern Countries including the Russian federation, and exceptionally we serve countries in the Middle East (Turkey, Israel....and the Magreb). The cost is double to that in our price list for Private Personal Service of Process. In summary; We serve Hague Convention's signatory countries by "Direct Hague Central Authority Remittance" (Art. 3) and by “Alternative Channels” (Art. 5 and 10); Indeed, we serve in those jurisdictions that have presented no opposition to the application of Article 10 a, b and c as Private Servers (to see which countries accept Art. 10 click here), and we also serve in those countries that have opposed to Article 10, prior failure and authorization of the Central Authority, that is to say by means of Article 5 and then Art. 10. For all the rest of non Hague countries signatory countries we served as Special Process Servers. In all case,s we issue an Affidavit of Service in English authenticated by the Consular representative. These are the reasons why use our service: NO QUASH, NO RED TAPE and RELIABILITY. We complete service without the hazards of bureaucracy, we're fast and accurate. We issue an authenticated affidavit of service by Consular agents or by the Central Authority, faster than anyone, guaranteeing our service in delivery and in legality, that is to say: without any extra cost to you, we guarantee our service in Court!.

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