Pulsing rhythmic massage

By: Bodymind Integration  06/07/2011
Keywords: stress, personal development, therapeutic massage

 Pulsing is a wonderful treatment to help you move more freely and feel more alive. It is a rhythmic, rocking movement-based bodywork and is perhaps the most deeply relaxing and most nurturing form of bodywork. With its wave-like movements, Pulsing works with the body's natural rhythms and has a profoundly relaxing yet energising effect, helping to release physical tension and emotional stress. It has many benefits on both physical and emotional levels; on a purely functional level it improves movement repertoire, making it highly beneficial to athletes, dancers, practitioners of yoga and other physical disciplines, or anyone who wishes to improve their flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

Pulsing is often described as "The Tai Chi of massage". While this captures something of its spirit, Pulsing actually contains little of what most people would consider as 'massage.' Although you lie on a couch, you may remain fully clothed, no oil is used and there are no long strokes or deep work on muscles. It is about mobility and movement. I think of it more in terms of a dance. You, the receiver, are allowing me to dance your body; you do not need to make an effort or do anything except relax into the movement and connect with breath and awareness to the pulse of your body.

In its emotional range it may be relaxing, playful, energising, reflective or supportive, depending on your needs. Whatever you are looking for, it is an absolute delight to receive.

Keywords: Body Awareness, bodywork, Holistic Therapy, personal development, stress, therapeutic massage

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