Postural Integration

By: Bodymind Integration  06/07/2011
Keywords: therapy, stress, anxiety

 Postural Integration is a deep bodywork method structured around a series of 10 systematic 'bodyfocus' steps that involve deep tissue manipulation in all areas of the body. It is not a passive treatment like massage: as I work the muscles, searching for areas of deep tension, I will be encouraging you to breathe, speak, make connections, move, feel. Postural Integration is a creative shared dialogue between client and therapist, a human experience aiming to bring mind, body and soul into harmony. The steps are cumulative and progressive, each step building on the last, so certain stages may need to be worked through more than once before you feel ready for the next step.

The effect is a controlled softening of chronic tension and embodied emotions (body armour) that allows mind and body to change and adjust together in an organic process. Postural Integration allows fresh energies to emerge, improving your sense of well-being and your capacity to feel and express. It brings your mind and body increasingly into harmony and helps you discover a new way of being at one with yourself.

Keywords: anxiety, Body Awareness, bodywork, depression, Holistic Therapy, myofascial release, personal development, stress, therapy

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