Bioenergetic massage

By: Bodymind Integration  06/07/2011
Keywords: stress, therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue Massage

 Most people will know that massage is a very relaxing treatment that provides many benefits to the physical systems of the body, such as easing muscular tension, reducing pain from musculoskeletal injuries, stimulating the immune system and improving circulation and lymphatic drainage; it also reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Conventional massage tends to be a purely manual therapy: the therapist is treating your body. In what I call 'bioenergetic massage' my aim is to treat you as a whole person.

I combine Swedish and other massage techniques with approaches derived from a variety of bodywork methodologies, including Postural Integration and Bioenergetics. While the massages I offer carry all the benefits of conventional massage, I am additionally working with connection and energetic charge. I never lose sight of the fact that you are a unique individual with your own characteristic patterns of muscular holding and energetic integrity. I do not take a formulaic approach, but listen to your body and respond to the story it wants to tell me.

It has long been established that touch is absolutely essential for babies to thrive; it is now being recognised that adults need it too, and that our society is becoming increasingly and unhealthily out of touch with touch. Many people are touch-deprived and suffer from what has been called 'skin hunger.' This is especially true of people who are not in a relationship, while those who are may not experience 'selfless touch' - one that carries no demands for reciprocation. My approach allows you to meet your need for nurturing touch and human connection, and encourages you to relax completely.

Keywords: Body Awareness, bodywork, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Holistic Therapy, stress, therapeutic massage

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