Nordic Saunas Offers Bespoke Handmade Saunas

By: Nordic Saunas & Steam Ltd   06/12/2013
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Nordic Saunas, one of the early pioneering companies to sell saunas in the UK, is offering bespoke, handmade saunas.

Nordic Saunas offers handmade saunas in a variety of different finishes. They can incorporate salt bricks or stone as well as a variety of different wood types which are selected for their durability in a sauna environment and their beauty. Nordic Saunas has experienced 3D designers who plan out their creations with the input of the client to ensure that space is maximised and used in the best way possible while incorporating the wishes of the client. No matter the budget you have in mind, Nordic can create a beautiful bespoke sauna cabin using wood that is FSC approved for a result that is uniquely you.

One of the things that Nordic Saunas is proud of is the fact that they incorporate the client’s needs in their bespoke saunas. Early in the design process, they work with clients to figure out what will best meet their needs. One of the considerations that designers would discuss with clients would include the type of wood used. Some of the types of wood offered include spruce, cedar, hemlock, and aspen. Another thing that designers would discuss would be the use of hidden or traditional heaters. Hidden saunas are a more modern style sauna which may sometimes be used in areas where space is limited and where a client wants a more clean design look.

Nordic Saunas also offer a variety of upgrades that can be a good complement to a sauna. Some of the upgrades available include essence systems, fibre optic systems, sliding glass doors, and Nordic Sauna’s innovation: concealed wall lighting. These upgrades can really enhance the sauna, helping to bring about an even more relaxed environment.

About Nordic Saunas

Founded in 1965, Nordic Saunas were one of the early pioneering companies to cater to the market for saunas in the UK. Since their beginning, they have become one of the leading sauna companies in the UK. They supply to both commercial and domestic clients.

Nordic’s design philosophy is simple: listen, dream, design, and deliver. They use the latest 3D technology to provide designs that help clients realise their vision. They want to help all of their customers relax in an environment that they dream up to suit their tastes and needs. They make the customer’s relaxation and wellness their top priority and create beautifully designed, high quality saunas with safety being the driving factor.

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