Have you heard the new rules of fat loss?

Have you heard the new rules of fat loss? from Babes on the Run BootyFit Camps

By: Babes on the Run BootyFit Camps  23/08/2011
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I have been reading, researching, programming and testing ready for the new seasons whilst my internet connection has been down and I want to tell you some of the exciting things I have been finding out and over the next few posts share with you what I see as the new rules of fat loss.

So without further ado, drum roll please…………

First and foremost is no snacking between meals!

Yes shock horror after years of being told to eat 5–6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism high and your blood sugars constant it has now been shown to make only a difference of somewhere between 40-60 calories a day – the equivalent of 10 minutes hovering or cutting two brazil nuts out of the aforementioned snack.

This is something I introduced to my and at the beginning of this year and the results have been awesome with frequent reports of even better fat loss, decreased carbohydrate cravings and increased energy.

So Rule number 1 – Cut the snacks out – this is easier said than done as we are so often programmed in to habitual eating. Every time we feel our stomachs begin to empty we immediately rush to fill them again in case our metabolism slows or our blood sugars drop.

But in fact what it means is we are constantly releasing insulin into our blood steam and not giving our bodies a chance to burn anything other that the last meal or snack before stoking the fire again.

Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas that is released whenever you eat to drive excess sugars (glucose) out of your blood stream and into your liver, muscles and fat stores in order to be metabolised as energy when required.

The trouble is when we eat every 2-3 hours we are constantly elevating our insulin levels.

When you have insulin in your blood your body is in storage mode, and if your muscle and liver stores are full or you are not burning those stores (via activity and exercise) then the extra sugars are sent to your fat cells for later use.

Most commonly in the love handle area at the bottom of your back.

To quote Brad Pilon in his fantastic book Eat Stop Eat when insulin is elevated, you are unable to release fat from your fat stores – The key thing to remember is when your insulin is high, your body fat isn’t going anywhere”

Snacking also disrupts another hormone associated with fat storing called Leptin.

Leptin has a starring role in controlling our appetite and metabolism, and certain foods and eating habits can block leptins messages to the brain.

Constant grazing also puts the liver under extreme stress as it has to go through a whole host of functions when we eat including detoxification, bile production & nutrient processing to name but a few. Its like a workout for your liver every time you eat!

And let’s not forget that our poor livers are already under an enormous amount of stress from the hundreds of unfamiliar and unnatural modern day toxins and allergens it is now having to deal with.

So the bottom line is if you are a healthy chick who wants to drop those last few pounds of body fat then rule number 1 is eliminate snacking.

Now the science bit is over here is the honest truth, if you have been used to eating little and often then this is tough to begin with, you may find you feel faint or irritable as your body begins to turn to fat for its fuel.

You may also find the habit difficult to break, but take it from a self confessed compulsive grazer and someone who loves their food, it does get easier over time and in a few weeks you will have adjusted and probably like me begin to love the feeling and energy having an empty stomach gives you.

Try and follow these rules …..

Leave at least 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. If you can eat about 3 hours before bed and then not again to breakfast. This gives your body the best chance of rejuvenating, repairing and balancing your hormones over night

Eat three meals a day. Allow five to six hours between meals and do not snack.

Try not to eat large meals. Eat slowly and stop eating a meal when your just beginning to feel full. Think of your liver!

Eat a breakfast containing protein. This makes such a difference to me, I love a breakfast of berries, yoghurt, oats and seeds but I have noticed how when I choose this option to start my day with I am back at the fridge in a few hours, yet when I eat a breakfast of eggs and veggies or fish and salad I am easily satisfied until lunchtime.

Also a high protein meal can increase your metabolism by as much as 30% opposed to a carbohydrate meal which will mean an increase of as little as 4% (imaging your metabolism as a fire, protein is like throwing on a thick piece of wood on whereas carbohydrates are like throwing on paper)

Drink a large glass of filtered water each hour. I find this really helps fill me up and keeps hunger at bay. You can also have herbal teas.

Good luck, leave me a note below I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you get on.

PS This is purely a recommendation and a conclusion of my own reading, if you have a medical condition, are prone to fainting or blackouts due to lack of food or other contra indication to this way of eating then I would advise seeking medical advice before trying any of the advice above.

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