The Plant H2Oasis Bag

The Plant H2Oasis Bag from Plant & Flower cares

By: Plant & Flower cares  26/07/2009
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   Dear Sir or Madam, Water restrictions are in force across the globe, if garden professionals and gardeners can do a bit for our environment, we can a little bit saving our water source. We have a new Invention product called:”The Plant H2Oasis Bag and Fertilizer” (Seaweed). The key points are as follows: 1. Water conservation and labor. 2. Limited and targeted replenishment: 20-30 days water recharge cycle - can be recharged with rain or direct watering. 3. It is assists in supply of plant nutrition without destabilizing (leaching out) natural soil nutritional balance. 4. Environmental protection and energy conservation, non-toxic, tasteless and natural raw materials. 5. Ways to keep your plants alive when away on vacation.  You would like to get more details. If you click our website below and click the Faq. You will get more information from it. Introducing a brand new innovation: The GlowStones. Made from non-toxic acrylic resin compound and crystals, these amazing plastic pebbles can glow all night long and will look fabulous in any indoor or outdoor garden water-feature, aquarium,plants or fish tank. At night, the GlowStones natural glow will gently illuminate your Aquarium in much the same way as the Moon and Stars would cast their own gentle glow, over the waters of the fish's natural habitat. During the daytime, GlowStones absorb natural light in 20 minutes, slowly releasing this stored light energy throughout the night  8-10 hours and can perform this cycle thousands of times over many years.  Best of all, GlowStones are Eco-Friendly, requiring no electrical power supply, as well as being completely non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-polluting. The “Photon Era” is here, please click the FAQ to get more information. Functions 1. Garden Water Features 2. Driveways and Paths 3. Aquariums and Tanks 4, Use your imagination to application   Thank you very much for your attention and look forward to hearing from you soon Yours sincerely Richard Yang   E-Mail: [email protected] Http:// Tel: +8613522149657

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