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By: Trueview Events  27/08/2009
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Website video promotion is a fast growing phenomenon. Now that broadband speeds are fast enough, it is a great opportunity to bring to life your company products and or services.

It is a fact, and we are guilty of doing this, if we do not see something which makes us stay on a web page; we click off the page in under 5 seconds, and go to another website. This means lost sales for you!

In order to retain the surfer or viewer, it is vital to make them have something simple to watch, which can immediately make them realise, your company is the company they need to be with.

A 1-2 min website promotional video, professionally filmed and produced will bring your people, services and products to life, and introduce them to the interested web surfer. This means potential sales growth!

This need not cost a fortune, and TrueView can help you achieve a professional production quality video without the need of bringing in the usual Hollywood style crew and cost!

Call TrueView’s director Mark Kempner now and he’ll show you how you can start improving your sales figures in a very short space of time.

Keywords: events