By: Maria Hancock Hypnotherapy and NLP  02/06/2011
Keywords: hypnotherapy, anxiety, personal development

Hypnotherapy brings about much more rapid results than many other therapies, often taking just a few sessions even with the most entrenched long-term problems. For example smoking can usually be tackled within a two hour hypnotherapy session.  The positive effects of Hypnotherapy can last a lifetime and being able to self hypnotise is a very good skill to have for life. Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural state  and you are in control at all times.  It is suitable for most people from about age 5 upwards.

Hypnotherapy can treat many different issues and is well known for successfully improving people's motivation to change their habits, including stop smoking and weight loss.  Hypnotherapy can help emotional or psychological problems such as anxiety, stress and phobias, as well as treat, manage or improve lots of medical conditions and pain. It can also be used to improve yourself in sport or business, to enhance performance. Many women are finding that Hypnotherapy can improve their experience of pregnancy and childbirth immensely or help them deal with a previously traumatic childbirth experience.

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