Tenth Anniversary of simPRO Software

Tenth Anniversary of simPRO Software from simPRO

By: simPRO  04/11/2009
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October 2009 sees the tenth anniversary of simPRO’s conception. Germinating from an idea within the electrical contracting industry, the seed was planted when the first lines of code for an online scheduling tool were written.

SimPRO Software focus has always been within the trade service industry and with a vision to bring this great product to the whole Industry, formed a new executive team. Nolan LeSueur was appointed CEO of the SimPRO Group and took the challenge of building a small software company and launching it into the public arena. Today SimPRO Software prides itself as the emerging force in the electrical services industry. It now engages staff in all states, has installations in the UK and Ireland, and this growth has only been possible as the result of collaboration with clients, providing exceptional client relations and support services.

The simPRO brand has expanded to include several variants, simPRO Enterprise, simPRO Lite simPRO  Fire and simPRO Mobile. The 500 user site is anticipated around November this year.

The uniqueness of simPRO is that product development has always been driven by the user. From inception, SimPRO provided an online user forum where users could chat with the development team and ask them questions and put forward suggestions. The result is that every new feature added to the system has come as the result of a user suggestion or request. This collaboration by the trade service industry has made simPRO into the product it is today.

 Today’s user groups include electrical, plumbing, datacomms, refrigeration, security, air conditioning and locksmiths. Each has a common need to seamlessly manage quotes, purchasing, scheduling, job or project management and billing.

With the addition of simPRO Fire we recognised there were specific needs within this industry. We collaborated with the Industry to create a variant of simPRO specifically for Fire companies to manage their complex report requirements as well as their projects, with the option for their customers to receive real-time reporting on critical defects and programmed maintenance.

These features have also been embraced by the Electrical Industry to secure maintenance contracts due to their customers having instant access to all their reporting via the advanced customer portal that allows their customers to manage every aspect including Planned maintenance defects and budget management.

So what’s new at SimPRO?

Over the last 12 months, there have been exciting new developments. The first was the launch of multiple Mobility products:

simPRO Mobile

digital pen solution that allows anyone who can write the ability record field notes and send them directly back to the office via their mobile phone.

Digital pens are fast and reliable. Information is received at the office in PDF and XML format which is directly uploaded to simPRO Mobile where data can be reviewed and modified then immediately imported into the job removing many manual data entry processes. The result is that field reporting is instant, paperwork loss and duplicate entry are eliminated and jobs can be invoiced immediately.

PDA Solution That works in a real-time environment and utilizes the existing browser on the  PDA making it very easy to deploy and customise for each customer needs, this also allows for a much more flexible framework for upgrading functionality in one hit.  The PDA application can be setup with different privileges for each employee and has completely customizable options from job activity reporting to QA and JSA processes.

Ultra Mobile solution  has all the functionality of the PDA version and more including quote creation, time sheet reporting, invoicing from the field and location history access this has been developed specially for service techs to be able to run their vehicle as a totally independent service operator with parts, labor billing and stock management synchronized immediately from the ultra mobile device in the field with simPRO in the office at the same time with the costs of some of these devices under $400 and touch screen versions available for as low as $900 they are fast becoming a very attractive low cost mobility solution.

The Future for SimPRO

SimPRO prides itself on maintaining a proactive and dedicated team keeping up with latest technologies and ensuring its customers have the winning advantage over their competitors. the future of SimPRO Software is exciting with a team of dedicated and talented engineers and consultants who are highly driven and committed to deliver an unparalleled product within the trade service industry. Nolan says that he has been blessed with a great team of individuals who are self driven and have a personal endeavor to see that SimPRO Software produces product and service’s that they can all be proud. Nolan goes on to say that the  challenge going forward  is to maintain the exceptional level of support and service to our customers while accommodating the exponential demand and adoption from within the electrical Industry.

Our commitment to the Industry is to help Contractors realise the full potential of their businesses and deliver the outcomes they are looking for.

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