Snowed in? Run your Businesses from Home with Web Based Systems

Snowed in? Run your Businesses from Home with Web Based Systems from simPRO

By: simPRO  06/01/2010
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If you are like many thousands of business owners/managers today in the UK, you might find it almost impossible to be running the business due to the UK snow falls as you, your staff and likely your customers are all caught up in massive snow induced problems.

Whilst for the lucky few getting snowed in is great fun, for the rest of us it can bring a lot of headaches such as managing the business, rescheduling work and having a lot of highly paid people sitting around being unproductive.

If you are sitting at home and so too are your project managers, estimators & accountants and they are unable to access the company files because they are `safely’ locked away on local PC’s and local servers at the office, then that is a major productivity loss.

Instead, if you were utilising a web based application like simPRO as your service management, project management and invoicing system to run your business, then everyone who required it could access the client records, quotes, projects and invoicing. Phone calls could be made to reschedule work, projects could be updated, sales calls made and quotes completed – all accessing the most up to date information that your business has on our secure, centralised servers that can be accessed from anywhere.

Don’t let the increasing number of days like today slow down your business, engage in a web based platform like simPRO and have the whole business productive no matter where they are.

Have a look at our PDF on why you should use web based software in your business.

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Keywords: business management, Business Management Software, simpro, software, web based application