simPRO Mobile Launches in UK

simPRO Mobile Launches in UK from simPRO

By: simPRO  05/11/2009
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simPRO Mobile - the missing link between your field service staff and your office.

simPRO Mobile is a specialised and innovative mobility product for the contracting, service and maintenance sector from simPRO, makers of the acclaimed simPRO Estimating and Job Management system.

simPRO Mobile is designed to fully enhance the productivity of your business whether you are using simPRO software or another job management package.

Using cutting-edge Digital Pen Technology, the simPRO Mobile solution allows your engineers and mobile workers to send paper based forms (service reports, job cards, time sheets, hazard assessment forms, sales sheets etc) from the field and integrate the hand written data from those forms directly into simPRO or other software systems in the back office – electronically and instantly.

This seamless integration of service reports/job cards using simPRO Mobile means there is no more data entry in the office - service reports are integrated directly into simPRO without the need to retype the data in, allowing for a job to be completed and invoiced immediately upon completion, saving valuable admin time and eliminating data entry errors.

 The job will be updated inside simPRO including parts usage and the schedule will be updated to reflect the real time used by your staff for that job.

simPRO Mobile is a Digital Pen & Paper (DP&P) solution made to work with simPRO software (Enterprise and Lite) right out of the box and can be customised to work with virtually any other back end software systems – yes even with software from our competitors.

Unlike other DP&P systems on offer simPRO Mobile offers users the choice of predesigned (generic forms) and a web based form viewer/editor portal that anyone can use for no cost. A simPRO Mobile customer simply buys as many pens as they need, as many forms as they need and pays the monthly access fees – no set up costs at all – and with No Contracts.

simPRO Mobile can be used as an add-on to existing simPRO clients, to new simPRO clients, and even to non simPRO clients who simply want to get their service reports or other paper based forms returned to the office quickly.

For those users that need their own customised forms you can have you own customised forms designed and integrated to simPRO for a low one off upfront design cost.

Some of the key features for using simPRO Mobile are:

  • Only Do It Once – Typically your field service staff fill in a form, drive or fax it back to the office where it needs to be interpreted and then re-entered – with simPRO Mobile, you do it once – by the field service staff on site – no more data entry.
  • Unique ID Per Engineer – Every pen has a unique ID and is assigned to an individual technician so you always know who sent which form.
  • Forms are Time and Date Stamped – Know when every form was sent by every technician as each form is time & date stamped at the time it was sent.
  • Use Your simPRO Job Numbers – By writing in the simPRO job number on the form, it will attach your form and all the data from the form into that job.
  • Actual Recorded Times Update simPRO Schedule When your field service staff completes the time section of the form, it will update the schedule inside simPRO to reflect the real hours used, not just the scheduled hours.
  • Mobile Warehouse Stock Control – Parts are automatically deducted from the correct warehouse when your field service staff use parts on the service report, it will automatically deduct those parts from their van or stock based on their tech ID.
  • Parts Automatically Assigned to the Job – The parts used on the service report are automatically assigned to the job, updating pricing based on actual quantities used.
  • Client Signature Capture – You capture the client’s signature on all relevant forms.
  • Follow Up Required Alert – If a job requires follow up (waiting on parts etc) the field service staff simply tick the `Follow Up Required’ box, this will then add this job to your follow up list on your simPRO home page – you will never forget to complete a job again.

Some of the key benefits for using simPRO Mobile are:

  • Maximise Cash Flow – Because you invoice faster. No longer do you need to wait  days or weeks to get your service reports back – it happens immediately upon completion of the job
  • Improved Profit - Service staff spend more time doing billable jobs and less time driving to the office and delivering paper work
  • Reduce admin time - No data entry means more time to pursue higher value functions
  • Redundancy - Never lose another service report - ever 
  • Electronic Archive of Completed Service Reports – Never waste hours again sifting through files & folders looking for a service report – every completed report automatically attaches into simPRO for instant retrieval, printing or e-mailing to a client
  • Electronic Signature Capture – Capture client’s signatures on every form and permanently keep that on file
  • No Business Process Changes for Your Engineers - They use a pen to write on paper forms – so it’s no different to now. Easy and effective for all trades & services.

Forms Available for simPRO Mobile Customers

simPRO Mobile is built around using pre-designed forms.

Some forms will get the customers company logo and contact details added to the front of the form. For an extra printing cost they can also have their terms & conditions printed on the back of the service reports. Forms that are currently available include (see Appendix A for a copy of each):

Service Report – RA – Service report to cover most industries with a comprehensive risk assessment integrated. This is typically for companies that do account work only. Company logo is added to top right corner of page, company contact details are added at bottom of page. Sequential numbering is printed on and begins with whatever number the client requests.

Service Report – Tax Invoice – Service report to suit companies that do commercial and/or domestic work. It includes a risk assessment section as well as payment details. This is suitable for companies who do both account work and COD work. Company logo is added to top left corner of page, company contact details are added at bottom of page. Sequential numbering is printed on and begins with whatever number the client requests. Both £ and € forms available.

Service Report – A service report most suited to contractors, it has no risk assessment but more room for parts. This is typically for companies that do account work only. Company logo is added to top right corner of page, company contact details are added at bottom of page. Sequential numbering is printed on and begins with whatever number the client requests.

E-mail/Scratch Pad – Allows users to make extra notes or diagrams from a job and attach them to the service report and/or e-mail them directly to other people in the company. Company logo can be added to top right corner of page

Weekly Time Sheet 1 – A weekly timesheet for service based users, it allows for up to 9 separate jobs, 7 days a week. This form does not currently integrate to simPRO but will be e-mailed to your specified admin person when completed. No logos.

Weekly Time Sheet 2 – A weekly time sheet for project based users, it allows for only 13 jobs/projects per week, but allows for multiple visits per job. This form does not currently integrate to simPRO but will be e-mailed to your specified admin person when completed. No logos.

Leave Request – Both time sheet books have 20 of these leave request forms included as a standard. The leave request can be automatically e-mailed from the user to the admin staff in the company. This form does not currently integrate to simPRO but will be e-mailed to your specified admin person when completed. No logos.

Stock Transfer – Allows the transfer of stock from one warehouse (van) to another with the stock automatically updated inside simPRO. No logos.

Talk to us if you want to get your own custom designed forms built.

You simply need to do the following things:

1.       Select which forms you want to use (our generic forms or design your own),

2.       Contact us to discuss your needs,

3.       Place your order,

4.       Supply your logo and contact details to be added to the forms,

5.       Supply a list of all the users, including mobile phone model,

6.       Get started.


Do I need to use simPRO Job Management Software to use simPRO Mobile?

No. simPRO mobile integrates perfectly into simPRO, however it can be used as a standalone system simply to have forms returned to the office, or it can be set up to export the form data into other third party applications.

How much is simPRO Mobile?

simPRO Mobile is priced based on the number of pens you have and is based on 4 components:

         1. Digital Pen – depends on quantities – roughly the price of a good quality mobile phone

         2. Form Printing – depends on quantities

        3. Monthly Runtime Fee – paid monthly per pen – roughly the price of a mobile phone contract

4. Customised forms.

To get the current pricing, please contact your simPRO account manager.

Is there a fixed term contract that I need to sign?

No. simPRO Mobile is a service provided on a month to month basis. You can cancel at any point in writing at least 1 month prior to your next billing period.

Can I use my existing service books with simPRO Mobile?

No. simPRO Mobile relies on a specially printed `digital paper’ that is printed for you.  Because of this it is not possible to use existing forms. We can however convert your existing forms into digital forms, this is a custom designed form. They can be printed in books/pads by a professional print shop, or you can print them on your own printer in the office.

Can I get custom designed forms for my own use?

Yes. Although simPRO Mobile was designed as a cost effective method of utilising the digital pen & paper technology for use with generic forms, we can custom design a form for you to be integrated to your simPRO.

Is the cost of printing included in the simPRO Mobile pricing?

No. The printing is paid separately to the printer and is based on the quantity of books that you need to get printed.

Can I suggest a new form for simPRO Mobile?

Yes. Like all things in simPRO, we aim to build systems that will work for a broad range of users. If you have a specific form that you think will be of benefit to you and the entire simPRO Mobile community, then let us know and we will consider it.

What do I need to do to get started?

Talk to your simPRO account manager about pricing, order the required number of pens & pads, then get going.

Other than service report/job cards, what type of forms do you have available?

We currently have 3 types of service report, 3 types of time sheet, an e-mail/note pad and a stock transfer sheet.

What mobile phones are compatible with the simPRO Mobile Digital Pen?

Most modern mobile phones with a Java, Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system with Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity are compatible. Please contact simPRO Mobile for more information.

Are some mobile phones better than others?

Yes. We find that the Nokia phones running Symbian series 60 operating systems to be the best. The Symbian system allows `auto start’ while the Java system does not. This means that for a Symbian based phone, when `send’ is ticked on a form, the phone automatically receives and sends the form data.  For a Java phone, you must manually start the routing software on the phone before you send the form.

For trade services – auto start is the best option.

Some supported Nokia phones in Symbian are:

The Nokia E series                           The Nokia N series

3230                                                       5500

6120 Classic                                         6121 Classic

6210 Navigator                                  6260

6600                                                       6620

6630                                                       6670

6680                                                       6681


Check with us to for the latest list of compatible phones.

Contact us on: 02033 970 086

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