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simPRO Mobile Digital Pen FAQ from simPRO

By: simPRO  11/11/2009
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Do I need to use simPRO Job Management Software to use simPRO Mobile?

No. simPRO mobile integrates perfectly into simPRO, however it can be used as a standalone system simply to have forms returned to the office, or it can be set up to export the form data into other third party applications.

How much is simPRO Mobile?

simPRO Mobile is priced based on the number of pens you have and is based on 4 components:

         1. Digital Pen – depends on quantities – roughly the price of a good quality mobile phone

         2. Form Printing – depends on quantities

        3. Monthly Runtime Fee – paid monthly per pen – roughly the price of a mobile phone contract

4. Customised forms.

To get the current pricing, please contact your simPRO account manager.

Is there a fixed term contract that I need to sign?

No. simPRO Mobile is a service provided on a month to month basis. You can cancel at any point in writing at least 1 month prior to your next billing period.

How do I pay the monthly on-going fees?

We will invoice you monthly in advance (for clients with 10 pens or more) or quarterly in advance if you have less than 10 pens. If you choose to pay 6 monthly in advance you will receive a 5% discount on your subscriptions, if you choose to pay annually in advance you will receive a 10% discount on your subscriptions.

Can I use my existing service books with simPRO Mobile?

No. simPRO Mobile relies on a specially printed `digital paper’ that is printed for you.  Because of this it is not possible to use existing forms. We can however convert your existing forms into digital forms, this is a custom designed form. They can be printed in books/pads by a professional print shop, or you can print them on your own printer in the office.

Can I get custom designed forms for my own use?

Yes. Although simPRO Mobile was designed as a cost effective method of utilising the digital pen & paper technology for use with generic forms, we can custom design a form for you to be integrated to your simPRO.

Is the cost of printing included in the simPRO Mobile pricing?

No. The printing is paid separately to the printer and is based on the quantity of books that you need to get printed.

Can I suggest a new form for simPRO Mobile?

Yes. Like all things in simPRO, we aim to build systems that will work for a broad range of users. If you have a specific form that you think will be of benefit to you and the entire simPRO Mobile community, then let us know and we will consider it.

What do I need to do to get started?

Talk to your simPRO account manager about pricing, order the required number of pens & pads, then get going.

Other than service report/job cards, what type of forms do you have available?

We currently have 3 types of service report, 3 types of time sheet, an e-mail/note pad and a stock transfer sheet.

What mobile phones are compatible with the simPRO Mobile Digital Pen?

Most modern mobile phones with a Java, Symbian or Windows Mobile operating system with Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity are compatible. Please contact simPRO Mobile for more information.

Are some mobile phones better than others?

Yes. We find that the Nokia phones running Symbian series 60 operating systems to be the best. The Symbian system allows `auto start’ while the Java system does not. This means that for a Symbian based phone, when `send’ is ticked on a form, the phone automatically receives and sends the form data.  For a Java phone, you must manually start the routing software on the phone before you send the form.

For trade services – auto start is the best option.

Some supported Nokia phones in Symbian are:

The Nokia E series                           The Nokia N series

3230                                                       5500

6120 Classic                                         6121 Classic

6210 Navigator                                  6260

6600                                                       6620

6630                                                       6670

6680                                                       6681


Check with us to for the latest list of compatible phones.

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