How to Send Photos Using Your simPRO Digital Pen!

How to Send Photos Using Your simPRO Digital Pen! from simPRO

By: simPRO  04/11/2009
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“We are being asked to do extra jobs just because our customers saw one of our staff using the simPRO Pens and want the peace of mind that comes with Digital Pens.”

“Thanks to the simPRO Pens we now have one office person managing the scheduling and job cards for over 40 of our field staff.”

As most of the Pen users have been taking up the folder option to store the pen and the forms Less than 1% of the pens have been damaged or lost.

Although custom form design is available, using the generic forms has been a great way to kick start using the pens within the business straight away.

The Service Report (Risk Assessment) - This form has been popular as it captures the essentials of the service job including: times, parts, notes, customer details signatures as well as a simple yet effective risk assessment checklist.

The Service Report (Tax Invoice) - Similar to the Risk Assessment form, this form captures all of the essential details but also includes a section to list the price for each service and captures the payment details including credit cards.

The Service Report (Standard) - This form has room for 20 parts and extra staff but does not have a risk assessment section.

These forms integrate into the simPRO Lite and simPRO Enterprise systems meaning they are checked for spelling and then with one click are submitted and the data is imported into the Job management system without additional data entry.

The Email/Scratch Pad – This form has been an excellent way to simply draw a diagram of the job or simply make notes of important details that need to be attached to a job or simply sent to a predetermined email address without using a PDA or laptop!

The next series of Generic forms introduces the ability to send multiple photos captured by your Nokia Mobile Phone. The New Generic Service Reports and Email Pad now have a Photos Taken? Tickbox which will prompt you to choose the relevant photos for transmission to the office using the data service provided by your carrier.

This button has now been activated on the Service Report – Standard form with the buttons being added in the other service forms as pictured below. Existing forms and books will continue to work exactly the same. Anyone getting new forms printed will get the new versions. Anyone wanting attachments now will have to get new forms printed. Please be sure to ask for this feature when you next reorder your service forms.

To activate, tick the boxes marked below on each form, complete the remainder of the form you need to complete and then tick the send box. You will then see the ‘message’ icon on your phone and hear the message tone on your phone prompting you to select photos from your phone album to send. Once the pictures are selected, the phone will send the data as usual and you will hear the normal tone to confirm your successful transmission.

  • Attachments only work on Nokia (symbian) phones. It will NOT work on blackberries.
  • Sending pictures will increase the data use on the mobile phone plan depending on the size and number of photos sent.

Stay Tuned for the next edition of this news feed – we will be releasing information about the new Email/Scratch pad with more features to be detailed soon!

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